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Welcome to Training and Development House

With chief focus on developing the human capital to ensure swift growth of an organization, TDH offers a wide range of training, targeting holistic improvement. Being front-runners in the field for 10+ years, TDH proposes acustomizable training program to ensure 100% efficiency of a company.

Our experts’ team analyses the system, research the settingsand architectures a training methodology catering to the specific requirements of an organization.

We expertise at conducting value-based structured events including conferences, exhibitions and corporate events.

TDH offers trainings and conferences by subject matter experts in various fields including Oil and Gas, Energy, IT, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Human Resources, for all organisational levels. Liberating from the old notions of a classroom training, we incorporate an outcome based, activity oriented, skill developing scheme to assure that the learning effectively benefits the trainee and thereby, the company. 



To make TDH the entrusted partner for all learning and skill development requirements across the globe.



To reform the corporate world by creating highly skilled, efficient and motivated leaders promoting the progression of a personnel and the organization.

What We Offer



TDH provides in-house and e-learning by qualified executive trainers who are specialists in the business through interactive sessions. It is our responsibility to cater to all your expectations and make your trainings essential for your career goals.



TDH is determined to contribute towards phenomenal experience associating with champions and eloquent speakers who hone your prerequisites.



We use the best marketing strategies to organize by showcasing your brand and target genuine buyers for a continual relationship.